H30 The Right 3-Part

  • Small sample volume makes it ideal for pediatric samples
  • Small reagent consumption with highest reagent efficiency
  • Minimum maintenance requirement and difficulty ever
  • Excellent performance with satisfying reliability and stability

Less Reagent Consumption

  • At least 50% lower than other competitors
  • 10L diluent around 650 tests
  • Reagent consumption is a very sensitive issue to end-user side. Cost per test is defined by reagent consumption on each cycle as well as on maintenance, for profict-wise, higher reagent efficiency comes with higher profit per test.

Minimum Maintenance

  • Maintenance for analyzers between different system platforms and brands differ variably.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and annually maintenance is the popular maintenance requirements.
  • But we, only require for weekly and annually base maintenancem which is also an extremely simple and cost effective maintenance list.
Maintenance Period Maintenece by Customer Maintenance by Field Service Engineer
Weekly Bleach cycle --
Monthly None None
Quarterly (3900 cycles) None None
Biannually(7800 cycles) None None
Annually(15600 cycles) None Needle o-ring Piston greasing
Three Years (46800 cycles) None Syringes block and pistons exchange

Outstanding Flagging System

Test result provides two types of alarms - both Pathology and Monopoly.

The Exclusive feature, only we can support such detailed and outstanding flagging system.

Flexible System Expandability

  • More compativle external printer


    -Lexmark_CS310/ MS410

    -HP LaserJet_P1102/1106/1108

    PCL 3/6 protocol

  • 5 USB ports for data transmission, printer, barcode scanner and external keyboard
  • Unidiractional LIS/HIS connectivity

Intelligent Internal Structure

  • Life-time tubing - Do not have to be touched ever
  • Modular design - lower maintenance difficulty
  • There is no high-voltage anywhere in the system
  • Liquids are separated from electronics
  • Vales are easy to reach

H50 Ingenuity for Entry 5-Part

H50, the new line of 5-part hematology analyzer, is the originality from EMD (Which is a joint venture od EDAN and BIT), where ingenuity meets advancement. With the Innovative technology, simple operations, fewer reagents, Intelligent fluidic system design and better performance, all in a smaller more affordable package that will fit any clinician budget and space.


Less Running Costs

  • Approximately 50% less reagent consumption.
  • 10L diluent can support around 580 tests

Minimum Maintenance

  • Only require for weekly and annually base maintenace, which is also an extremely simple and cost effective maintenance list.
  • Might be the lowest operation cost as well as maintenance difficulty for distributors.

Flexible System Expandability

  • More compatible external printer

    Epson - M100/105/200/205,


    HP LaserJet_P1102/1106/1108,

    PCL3/6 protocol.

  • 5 USB ports for data transmission, printer, barcode scanner and external keyboard.
  • bidiractional LIS/HIS connectivity.

Ingenious Internal Structure

  • Life-time tubing - do not have to be touched ever.
  • Modular design - lower maintenance difficulty.
  • There is no high-voltage anywhere in the system.
  • Liquids are separated from electronics.
  • Vales are easy to reach.

Excellent Performance on Anti-aging Samples

The techonology delivers a lower sensitivity to sample age, allowing you to more freedom to organize your work.


Excellent Performance on Eosinophilia Samples

The combination of the flow-cell, the super blue LED and the proprietary reagents provide excellent differentation of WBC, even on Eosinophilia samples.


Improved Platelet Identification

The H50 counting aperture is only 5µm which is smaller than conventional counting aperture that is usually over 80µm. The smaller aperture is more sensitive than the bigger ones, even the small PLT can be detected because of the signal to noise ration is higher. This will significantly improve the identification of platelet.


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